Conserving the Lands &
Advancing the Legacy

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Hyde Park Foundation promotes the legacies 
of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt by supporting the preservation and enhancement of the National Historic Sites at Hyde Park, New York.

Our mission is to ensure the long-term health and integrity of these historic sites, buildings, gardens, landscapes, and forests while making improvements that advance public understanding of the world in which the Roosevelts lived.

To achieve these goals, we raise funds to supplement the resources of our partner, the National Park Service. National Historic Sites at Hyde Park include the President’s homes, Springwood and Top Cottage; Eleanor Roosevelt’s home, Val-Kill; and the former Vanderbilt estate, which for its historic significance and scenic beauty, F.D.R. established as a National Historic Site in 1939.

In 2021 we celebrated the 75th anniversary of the FDR Estate’s inclusion in the National Park System. Due to restrictions with public visitations, our celebration was virtual which gives us an opportunity to share it with you here.


Reinvigorate and restore the historic buildings, gardens, landscapes, and forests associated with the Roosevelts in Hyde Park

Protect the lands and surrounding Hudson River viewshed

Strengthen the interpretation of these sites for visitors

Promote the ideals and values of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt


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Get Involved - how you can help

Preserving these National Historic Sites is of great importance in protecting the integrity of the Roosevelt’s legacy, the buildings, gardens, and surrounding forests for people to experience, learn about and enjoy. This is achieved through the hard work and dedication of the National Park Service and by the raising of supplemental funds by the Franklin D. Roosevelt Hyde Park Foundation. You, too, can help us with this by making a donation.

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